Tim Beverley – Secret of Success in Car Racing

Tim Beverley – Secret of Success in Car Racing

The name Tim Beverley must ring a bell to all those who follow car racing. This man was the owner of Tyler Jet Motorsports, which was a NASCAR Winston Cup race team. This was not his only successful business venture. He was also the owner of the Tyler Jet airplane sales company. Beverley formed the race car team in 1998. The team was formed after he purchased the assets of ISM racing and Darwal Inc and merged them into one racing team.

Although not a professional racer himself, Beverley had a fascination for fast cars and airplanes right from a young age. That passion was eventually what led him to invest in businesses related to cars and airplanes. After its formation Tyler Jet’s original car was a Tabasco Pontiac. Incidentally, this car was earlier part of ISM. The car that was used originally was driven by several leading teams including the famous Darrell Waltrip.

Many leading NASCAR car racers featured as part of the Tyler Jet team. One well known name was Rich Bickle. David Green was another driver who drove for the team in 1999. In 2000 Johnny Benson drove on behalf of the team. Beverley was always driven towards achieving something big in the field of car racing. While he was not a professional driver, he had raced CanAM and other sports cars during the 1980s. In the 1989 24 hours of Daytona competition he had finished a respectable fourth. During his brief driving career he was said to be extremely competitive, a quality that became evident once he entered the business of car racing and later on airplanes.

His competitiveness is also evident from the success of his airplane business. He started off from a humble one-room office in Texas. The original office used to operate out of an airplane hangar. It is said that there wasn’t even an indoor restroom in the premises. It was from such humble backgrounds that Beverley later came to literally rule the world of airplanes. It must be mentioned here that he had a special fascination for airplanes right from his younger days, when he would watch planes flying over his head for hours together. His fascination for airplanes also saw him have a stint with the Air Force too.

Tim Beverley carefully built up his team’s reputation in the world of car racing. He had a hands-on style of functioning and would personally take great interest in all the races that his team was involved with. He would discuss with his staff and drivers about the upcoming races and be involved in formulating strategies too. The meticulous planning helped in his team becoming one of the leading names in the NASCAR circuit.

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